Thalassemia Awareness

What is Thalassemia ?

Thalassemia is blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which body makes an abnormal form of haemoglobin. Thalassemia ocuurs when there is a defect in a gane that helps control production of one of these proteins.


There are two types of thalassemia 1st is Alpha-thalassemia and the 2nd is Beta-thalassemia and are also called alpha hypochromic anaemia and beta hypochronic anaemia respectively.
Alpha hypochromic anaemia happens once the factor that controls the creating of alpha globins is absent or defective. It is gentle to severe and is most ordinarily found in individuals of African, geographic area, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and, sometimes, Mediterranean descent. Some youngsters with alpha hypochromic anaemia haven’t any symptoms and will need no treatment. Others with a lot of severe cases would like regular blood transfusions to treat anemia and different symptoms.

A baby will solely get alpha hypochromic anaemia by inheritable it from his or her oldsters. Genes are “building blocks” that play a very important role in determinative corporal traits and bounty of different things concerning us. Homosepians are created of trillions of cells that variety the structure of our bodies and do specialised jobs like taking nutrients from food and turning them into energy. Red blood cells, that contain haemoglobin, deliver O to all components of the body.