Life Foundation Objectives

i. The Life Foundation has a team of highly motivated teachers and students, who maintain a complete data bank of donors that include volunteers from amongst the students, faculty and staff of the Colleges and Universities. Life Foundation helps in securing timely blood donations in emergencies as well as in routine requirements. About Life Foundation is a nonprofit, teachers and students Foundation. Its main aims are following.

ii. Promotion of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation. Availability of rare blood groups on an emergent basis. To act as a bridge between the hospital and patients.

iii. The service aims to facilitate the process of donating and requesting blood and to make blood donation more convenient and efficient.

iv. The Life Foundation donors Foundation to which a donor has registered will be able to SMS blood donation requests to the donors in a target area. The service is intended at connecting potential donors and blood banks with possibly tremendous reach and speed in order to address blood demands during emergencies.

v. This is the first mobile service in the Pakistani market to be customized to meet the needs of a social sector organization. This service will bring tremendous benefits to blood banks, needy patients, and hospital emergency by providing blood to those who need it on an urgent basis during emergencies.

vi. The web-based service software is given to selected blood donors/ organizations completely free of cost. Currently launched at Lahore, the mobile service has the potential to be extended to major cities.

vii. To conduct the training in the field of medical Radiology and Pathology and others aspects of the medical profession. Furthermore, the foundation will establish a blood bank and diagnostic centers, free medical dispensary and Hospital for blood donors and needy patients to save the precious human life.

viii. The life foundation with the help of doctors, education institutions, colleges, universities will hold the seminars, programs, conferences to promote the main objective of the foundation and make arrangements for awareness to the blood donors. For this purpose, the foundation will hold camping in different colleges, universities and even in the general public also.

ix. The life foundation will use different media of communication for awareness of blood transfusion, Hepatitis, Thalassemia, Leukemia (Blood Cancer), TB, Breast Cancer, Blood Sugar, Dengue, Swine Flu (H1N1), Aids and Polio and will also coordinate with international donors and NGO’s for achieving these objectives.

x. That the life foundation will set up hospitals, free dispensaries, basic health units, diagnostic centers etc. The foundation will also held awareness campaign through printing material, electronic Media, print media etc.