CEO Message

All Praises to Almighty Allah Who created this universe with a variety of unimaginable creatures. Moreover, He created Man as the Crown of the Creation and made the whole universe his domain to be conquered by him. The ever increasing population, the day to day life problems and the numberless fatal diseases are the burning questions of today. On the other hand, the common people are almost always engaged in, at least, having their bread and butter. Moreover, the current materialistic approach towards life has demolished the strongest family setup. So under such circumstances, if unluckily any of our dear ones need blood at the very critical juncture of his life, he is, simply under a cloud. So many times it is observed that an invaluable life has to be buried just because of non-availability of blood. Above situation is not the worst for those who still have family relations intact and also have contacts to those heroes who volunteer their blood for people in its need. It is but the irony of fate the poor never always have such relations. Keeping all these bitter conditions of a common man in mind, the Life Foundation by the Grace of Almighty Allah, is fully determined to organize all volunteers by setting up a Blood Donors Club. We also have programmes to motivate and create awareness among people especially the youngsters, why blood is important for our body and how blood is essential for those who have no other alternative. We will get the donors registered from Pakistan and form a computerized database and shift it to the website The donors can also be registered online in a group or as an individual so that they could be requested, through this website, to donate their blood when someone needs it. Our special request is for the youngsters who have the will as well as health to serve the suffering humanity and want to play their role in this regard. Blood donation is extremely important because it is the only way to maintain sufficient blood supplies for medical treatment. Blood cannot be manufactured. Our body is its only factory. Researchers reports say that those who donate blood frequently have a lesser risk of heart attack and other life-threatening diseases like Hepatitis B, C, and HIV. So do something many today. Join us as a donor and save a life.

Prof. Muhammad Javaid Awan


Life Foundation® Lahore-Pakistan