We are pleased to introduce the Life Foundation Lahore which has been established in March 2009 with the support of my students, teachers and medical professionals.
By this time we have more than 40000 registered members as well as we have provided help to more than 8000 blood to needy patients across Pakistan.
We have also introduced easily to use Smartphone Apps, having the latest technology for iPhone and Android users which is the latest procedure for donors and needy patients in minimum time to save the maximum life.
We are the pioneer of this great development in the path of life-saving.
We work on free of cost with the support of students, teachers and the general public.
I m very thankful to all of you for helping unknowns and saving their life who are standing with me and busy for saving lives of those who have no blood relationship with blood seekers but just humanity.
We much more concerned with blood seekers and trying to help all of them more family members.
We have a big achievement from the University of Punjab for the arrangement of monthly seminar regarding blood donation and transfusion awareness in all department of the University of Punjab.
Our main object and aims are to spread awareness about the blood donation and blood-related diseases like thalassemia, Hepatitis C & B, which affect the people during a blood transfusion. We want to educate the people about the health and facilitate them, and want to educate them that blood donating is not harmful or dangerous to life. Many of the people in our society are not feel good to donate blood to others for saving their life and our society have many misconceptions, like weakness and many others like this. We just want to educate them about the positive impacts of blood donation.
Life Foundation is not like a blood bank. We have not such tools and labs equipment etc yet, but with the passage of time will drive some mobile blood donation stations for the easy and sharp excess of blood donation. We have this plan in the future. Insha’Allah
Example: Mr. Ali is very ill due to swearing road accident and he needs 3-4 bags of blood urgently. Mr. Ali’s friend sends us a request for the blood arrangement and we spread a message to concerned blood group donors and on Social media. We spread this message for the patient. Blood donors reply the message and contact to relevant person, hospital and donate his blood for the sake of humanity.
We are working 24/7 with the blessing of Almighty ALLAH, without any benefit.