Rashan Distribution COVID-19

The *Holy month of Ramzan * is parting from us which is somewhat sad for us as it will take away countless blessings it offers to us.

I am taking proud in the things Life Foundation has achieved in this Ramzan. Life Foundation has been active to provide blood to the patients of Thalassemia , Cancer , Hepatitis, Kidney Failure and Heart surgeries since the coronavirus pandemic started. At the same time Life Foundation also started the drive of providing ration to the deserving families, affected by this pandemic, who could not get help during Ramzan. Alhamdulillah, 240 families in Lahore and 850 families in Karachi have been provided with Ration during Ramzan. I extend high regards to those men who came forth and supported us in this cause. My appreciations for my students who provided ration to the needy at their door step during this pandemic situation. My special thanks and appreciation to the Karachi team who tirelessly worked and provided food to 850 deserving families.

I would also like to add that Life Foundation also worked for blood donation cause during Ramzan and more than 1700 blood transfusions were done. This is a very high number keeping in view the pandemic predicament.
Life Foundation is in debt to all those who made their slightest contribution to this noble cause.

All we need is your prayers and encouragement so that we keep it going in the next Ramzan. Please do remember us in your prayers.