About Us

LIFE Foundation is completely a Volunteer organization and focal point of LIFE Foundation is to provide a single platform to both blood donors and blood seekers. Give blood and share life. Remember Blood has no substitute but whole life depends on it. Leave something worthwhile behind you, serve the nation, do something remarkable and value able, donate blood. Put together all your moral, motivational, courageous, passion, powers and love for Pakistan because it is the time to do something better for nation and for safer and strong Pakistan. Serve the nation serve Pakistan. If you save a man’s life you are giving a message of life to humanity and your donated blood may save 2-3 lives. Give a hope of life to needy with your blood. Blood donation is a life saving measure, donate blood and save more lives.

Though death is unique to each person it may happen suddenly or unexpectedly in a certain way or place, and may occur within a few seconds or minutes. Nobody have guarantee of life but blood donation is one way to share the life, it’s a guarantee to save a person from dying. We as a living and healthy persons can save many lives by donating blood. In Pakistan many patients admitted in hospitals pass away just because of unavailability of blood at right time. How many children lost their parents, mothers lost their sons and wives their husbands in road accidents, bomb blasts, earthquakes and other similar incidents. Just imagine. Can you see a person alone at deathbed without hope of life?

We can save more people if we have complete information about donors In case of any emergency. Should you wish to see a person dying just because of blood? Regular donors can donate more frequently so if you are eligible for blood donation then you should become a donor today.

Mission of LIFE Foundation is to provide a common platform for those who have zeal to save the humanity, support the nation and do something amazing for the human beings. It’s a common platform for both donors and blood seekers. Its quite easy access to the target, donors who are willing to donate can easily offer their donations and needy can easily contact to the donors without any irksome effort. Although there is a rapid increase in the number of donors, but blood supply remains in short specially in case of any emergencies just because of the lack of information and accessibility to the donors. We firmly believe LIFE Foundation can overcome and beat with most of these challenges by effectively and efficiently connecting with donors and recipients or seekers.

I would love to say special thanks to Donors and whoever helping us in continuing our  mission successfully.